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Short trip - a food/goodie treasure hunt - ideas?

flygirl | May 20, 201709:05 AM     24

Good morning everyone

I'm heading up to NYC on Memorial Day for an overnight, home the next evening.

I'll arrive in time for lunch and I'm staying in Soho but more towards the water - on Hudson Street a few blocks from the river. A new micro hotel that is so cheap it was a wash to go by bus and stay overnight versus my occasional day trips up and back on the train. Let's see how small "micro" really is.

At any rate! One thing I really like to do when urban hiking is to make a list of special foods to track down. Things you can only find there - typically because it's locally made or a local chef/pastry chef etc which is only in that city.

This isn't about restaurants per se (although that's fine too) this is more of a specialty shop or even farmers market kind of thing. Jams! Honey! Pastries! Pickles! Special popcorn! Bread! Cookies! Coffee shops! ETC. If it's (mostly - more or less) one of a kind, I'm all for looking it up. For instance, I learned about the City Bakery pretzel croissants and of course sought them out one time.

For instance I do this in Paris a lot - a mission to find the best croissant, or best baguette, or track down various new coffee shops (and Paris is having a real coffee renaissance these days). It becomes a treasure hunt and I visit parts of the city I might not otherwise check out.

The only caveat is that it has to either be eaten on the spot, or keep, since I am taking a bus up and back and going home is a 4.5 hour trip. I can't get anything that must be refrigerated unless I eat it on the spot.

Since this is a short trip I'm *probably* only in Manhattan this time (in part b.c that is where my friends live) but other trips might have me in Brooklyn or elsewhere so that's cool too.

I'll be in NYC for two lunches, one breakfast, and one dinner (and likely with friends for at least two of these those - arrival lunch at noon on Monday would most likely be solo and I'll be starving after 4.5 hours on a bus).

Thanks everyone!


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