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Short Fingernails a "Must" for the Kitchen?


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Short Fingernails a "Must" for the Kitchen?

ideabaker | Jan 26, 2009 06:16 PM

Ok, I am laying it out here.

In NY, my fairly new (on a somewhat regular basis) residence, long nails on women in particular, but also for some guys, are a big plus for gals/guys looking for out-of-the-kitchen action.

I am not from around here, and don't understand it. I love to garden. I love to cook. I love to play with paint. Can't imagine a life with fingernails of 'who-knows-what' captured and growing under them, not even if those "nails" have a pretty, 'Permanent French Manicure' on top. Just me - no judgements, to the lovely ladies (or guys), into it. When I get a manicure, the instructions are always the same... "as short as possible, no gloss, just one coat of Nailtique" (ok, we have a selection, so I choose the most natural.)

I start getting queasy when I think of the bacteria in the rarely-dry, long-nail/fingertip area that has been in contact with (you never know) perhaps, a lot when ingredients in the kichen, touching my or whoever I am with's food.

Two questions... one, if someone has long, luxurious, beautifully painted nails in the kitchen and just prepared your meal, how clean do you think the food is? Is it 'all good', because the nails look good? Does it make a difference, or am I just a bit over-anxious about this? I keep mine so short that there is no visible nail, most of the time. (No offense to anyone with longer nails, but I am still recovering from the "Worms in Cod" thread. Thanks to Sam, I think I see tiny tapeworms near me thinking about procreating in my nails...)

Second, if you went into your most delicious and newly discovered resto, toured the kitchen and everyone prepping and cooking in the kitchen (men included) had long fingernails, would it bother you at all (considering the food was otherwise excellent?) in terms of health?

To you, are short nails a necessity in a clean, orderly kitchen; even at home?

And p.s. I've noticed some "chefs" have one long pinky fingernail, what's that about? All the other fingernails are short. Is that long nail a special "spice finger"?

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