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Shocked at Ruth Reichl's comments


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Shocked at Ruth Reichl's comments

Howard-2 | Mar 1, 2004 08:51 PM

(Note: my apologies if this topic has already been discussed, I have not been reading this board for a few weeks)

Some weeks ago, one of those famous French restaurants in NYC closed, after many years. The NY Times ran a story about it and quoted Ruth Reichl, now the editor of Gourmet magazine, as saying that she thought that in recent years the restaurant in question did not really deserve the high rating it had been given by outfits like hers, but that those outfits and publications had given it a high rating out of sentimentality.

I'm shocked at this statement--not because of the inherent dishonesty it betrays, because I expect dishonesty and some stupidity from all media and all media folks, but because the speaker was in effect so stupid as to admit her dishonesty so publicly, and the dishonesty of her colleagues. How can anyone ever trust anything Gourmet magazine says in the future in terms of a restaurant rating, knowing what she said about that restaurant?

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