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Shiloh's Restaurant, Woodsville, NH


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Shiloh's Restaurant, Woodsville, NH

Morganna | Jul 25, 2011 09:52 AM

We were driving to FunSpot in Laconia and we wanted to stop for breakfast about half way from our place to there. We ended up at Shiloh's Restaurant in Woodsville, NH ( I'm glad we did.

There were five of us, four adults and a 10 year old male. I had the hash and eggs (over easy), my husband had the Spanish omelette, other adult female (OAF) had a short stack with strawberries, other adult male (OAM) had the biscuits and sausage gravy, and the boy had a short stack with chocolate chips. Two coffees, one soda, and one hot chocolate (in the biggest mug I've ever gotten hot chocolate served), and water were the beverages. I think the total was $40something sans tip.

My has was homemade and lacked onion but I want onion in most things savory. It wasn't bad. Wasn't totally crispy, but it was well-cooked. My eggs were -perfect-. I often get very close to over-medium when I ask for over-easy. These were fully cooked whites with runny yolks, just wonderful. I had oat toast, and it, too, was homemade, big this buttered slices. Very nice. The "home fries" were sliced potatoes (OAM says in Louisiana they call those "house fries" instead of home fries). They were cooked fairly nicely with golden brown spots (they needed salt and pepper added) but I like my potatoes crisp on the outside, so I didn't waste much space on 'em. The hash, eggs, and toast were plenty good. :)

OAM said he liked the chunks of link sausage in his sausage gravy, and the biscuits and gravy were very good. OAF didn't like the chunks (she had a taste), and said she prefers her gravy to be made with crumbled browned sausage. OAF said her pancakes were fluffier and cakier than she usually liked (she prefers her thinner and ... chewier? more substantive?) They looked like the sort I'd like, because I tend to prefer my pancakes just be sponges for the syrup. :) I believe the young male enjoyed his pancakes just fine.

The ambiance of the place is exactly what you'd expect for a state-highway-side diner. They had some really interesting sounding dinner specials up on the board. I may make this a stop on all our trips heading out that way in the future.

The prices were fair, the ambiance was pleasant, the dishes were cool (you can buy them online), and the waitstaff was universally friendly. Two thumbs up. :)

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