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Shelf Life Of Rice & Other Dry Goods

RebJaeBoe | Jan 9, 200803:43 PM

Last night I reluctantly used an expired box of Rice O' Roni to get the rice (not spice packet) for a soup I was making. (Earlier in the day, my boyfriend used up the fresh, non Rice O' Roni rice I had set aside.)

He has insisted on keeping several boxes of expired Rice O' Roni and a few other expired canned goods saying that they don't go bad, they just lose flavor. I adamantly disagree with this and pointed to the fact that only two days ago the expired chili he made himself for lunch was rancid. This point fell on deaf ears.

In his opinion, I am wasting the food. (side note: the rice I used last night was a month past due but another eight boxes expired in '05.) He has argued his theory on me wasting food quite vocally and in some respects he is correct. We are on different sides of the fresh vs. rancid spectrum in many respects but even still, I feel that it is important to put fresh food in my body, not expired.

Thoughts on this debate Chowhounds?

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