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Shaw's Tavern

mdpilam | Jul 31, 2011 11:41 AM

Went to Shaw's Tavern last night after hearing about the opening on DC Eater, and came away with an uneven meal from a restaurant that has some kinks to work out.

We walked in and got seated right away - it was fairly empty considering it was a Saturday night around 9pm. We soon realized one of the reasons: no liquor license yet. So they had 2 bartenders working a dry/empty bar. Hmmm... We noticed a couple groups come and go because of this.

Our waiter came and took our order (three cheese pizza w/ pepperoni, flat iron steak for my gf and pork chop for me) on an ipad, which I found a bit silly. Especially considering he spent ALOT of time trying to put our order on the stupid thing. The pizza came out first and it was loaded with cheese. LOADED. Now, I love cheese, and for me to say it had too much cheese, is saying something. We each had to scrape off cheese before eating more. It was pretty good otherwise though. Thought it was a bit strange that they didn't have crushed red pepper for the pizza (I understand it's not a pizzeria, but a restaurant that has a "Pizza" section should have crushed red pepper IMO).

Our entrees arrived shortly, and right away I was impressed with the pork chop. It was moist and juicy and flavorful. I tend to avoid pork chops because they often tend to be drier. It came with some pickled cabbage, which I thought went well with it. Also came with roasted sweet potatoes which were decent if not a little overcooked, and some pretty bland green beans and okra (my gf loves green beans and she wouldn't finish them). My gf's steak, which she did order well done, was dry and flavorless. It came with some horseradish shreds, but there could have been much more of them to give it some flavor, which it was lacking. It also came with yorkshire pudding, which we tried to get our server to describe to us without much help (he said it was like shepherd's pie; after trying it, I thought it was more like a soufle or turnover). It was meh, but that might be a British thing.

All in all, it was ok, but they have some work to do. First thing is to get that liquor license (and until then, I'd put a notice out front). It does seem like it will be a pretty cool spot; though it seems to have more of a laid back bar/restaurant feel rather than a restaurant that has a bar. I'd also get rid of the ipads - sell em on ebay, and also familiarize the staff with the menu more.

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