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Sharpen daily use knives.

steakwit | Mar 31, 201207:01 AM

I started a thread way back about what knives cooks use daily, so here are some updates- I use a Wusthof 8" Chef, Wusthof bird beak parer and a Wusty serrated bread knife ( best for frozen bagels). All Grand Prix. I used Rowoco Sabatier for 20 years BW (before Wusthof) I use an ancient Craftsman 3" water grinder ( puts on a nice teeny 1/32" hollow grind) on them about once or twice a year and steel for touchups. They stay sharper than any other SS I have used and I sell vintage knives on Ebay. My parents ran a restaurant and I started in the back kitchen at 10 since I was too young to work out front. I've ground quite a few nice knives to stubs in the 50 years since. Most of my food-burning takes place in 4 vintage cast Iron pans ( 3 Gris and 1 Wagner ) so also use an old SS El-Cheapo $2 Cook's knife if I need cut up in the CI pans so I don't ruin the good knives. The reason I only grind them once a year----- NOBODY in my house uses them except me, they don't dig ditches, cut roses, pry open cans, trim crown molding etc etc. That's why I have 2 knife blocks, the other is for the rest of the family. It's amazing how long a good knife will stay sharp if you only cut food and don't abuse it. Get a machete for your yard, a HD scissors for your house, a razor knife for your carpet and leave the knives for the kitchen. I will admit the Wusthof L-O-N-G slicer that gets used about 4 times a year on BIG roasts and turkey cuts foam rubber GREAT!!!! How do YOU sharpen your best friends? B

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