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I have to share this story w/ you folks....


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I have to share this story w/ you folks....

Lan4Dawg | May 30, 2003 05:05 PM

Like many of you I make my own stocks & sauces, &c. and had a stock pot bubbling away on the back of the stove a while back when my neighbor shows up w/ his 4 year old in tow. The four year old walks in & says, "Something smells good, Unca Thomas. Whatcha makin'?"
I told him that I was making chicken stock; that I took old bones and vegetables & made a kind of soup from them. He had to see so I picked him up & showed him the assorted chicken bones & such simmering. How do you explain stock to a four year old? His father reminded him that I had taken some soup to his Mom when she was not feeling well & I was making something similar. Satisfied w/ the explanation he wandered away to play w/ the cats & I thought no more about it until a little while ago when the doorbell rang.
There stood my neighbor w/ his four year old. The child was carrying a large "to go" box and had a huge grin on his face. "We brought some bones for you to make soup, Unca Thomas!" he exclaimed as he thrust the box into my hands. His father explained that they were out to dinner last night & happened to eat chicken wings. The child insisted that they save all of their bones & had the waitress wrap them so, "Unca Thomas can make soup!"
I guess it is never too early to get them started, huh?

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