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Share a recent culinary triumph

GretchenS | Mar 22, 2004 11:48 AM

Reading Erika’s post about her success with GG Mora’s braised ribs recipe reminds me how enjoyable it is to read about successes – remember how much fun the thread about home-made Christmas gifts was? And what great ideas we got from each other? So share a recent culinary success with all of us – we’d love to hear about it!

To start things off, I’ll tell you about a recent dinner I made – based on recipes I’d read somewhere but cannot now remember where so cannot credit. Anyway, it was fairly improvisational. Everything turned out great (don’t you love when that happens?) and the flavors and textures worked well together.

The menu: baked cod wrapped in prosciutto, mashed cannellini beans with olive oil, sage and garlic, sautéed broccoli-rabe.

The sequence: sauté minced garlic briefly in olive oil, add drained and rinsed cannellini beans (I used canned) and some water (maybe about half as deep as a bean) and chopped fresh sage. Cook at a high simmer about 10 minutes, then partially mash the beans, add sea salt and freshly-ground pepper and cook another 10 minutes or so on low heat, stirring often and adding more water if needed to get a consistency you like. (I went for mashed potato texture but it could be soupier if you prefer.) Trim ends off broccoli-rabe, blanch in a small amount of boiling water for a minute or two and refresh in cold water and drain. Preheat oven to 375. Rub cod filets with olive oil, wrap in prosciutto, rub again generously with olive oil and bake till done (10 minutes per inch of thickness more or less, but check after a shorter time). When fish is nearly done, sauté broccoli-rabe in olive oil and a bit of red pepper flakes for a couple of minutes. The one addition I would make next time is to add some Kalamata olives in somewhere – maybe in the beans, maybe sliced and tucked under the prosciutto with the fish.

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