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freia | Dec 4, 201108:50 AM

OK, I've been trying to work this through, but I can't help myself -- I gotta say it.
I hate hate HATE the location of your share button. My cursor is often to the left of my screen as the most used buttons for me on your page are on the left hand side of the screen (discussion and digest, add new post, choose a board, go back to x board, and so on). So I can't seem to go 2 minutes without triggering the Share popup window on the left of my screen when I use my cursor to access these buttons. Which makes it impossible to read any posts or add new posts or access the buttons as it physically covers the left part of the screen. SO I'm constantly triggering the Share and trying to delete the Share button. I unwillingly trigger this button easily 10-15 times a MINUTE. Plus there is a delay from time to time that prevents this window from closing promptly, so if I move the cursor BACK to get rid of the screen, and I have a hang time, I'll repeat the motion, meaning the window will close, then reopen. Repeat ad nauseum.
I'm all for your Share button though I never use it.
Can it be moved? Maybe just down the left side of the screen an inch or two?
I know its a minor thing, but it is seriously driving me crazy!

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