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shanghaiknights | Jan 24, 200803:40 PM

When I was in shanghai this summer, there were a lot of things ordered for us that I don't know the names of. I know it is difficult but when I go to China town in New York i try to find authentic shanghainese food. Could somebody tell me the names of these dishes?

1. there were soy beans (edameme) with tough, thinly sliced rough white squares. I think they were bean curd. In a clear, warm sauce. One of my favorite dishes!

2. vegetables in a yellowish curry

3. fried tiny little pieces of chicken, with bones, served with hot peppers in a whicker basket.

4. I think it might be cantonese: dim sum, bbq pork in a puffy pastry, and vegetables wrapped in a wide rice noodle

5. what is the difference between sichuan tofu and home style tofu?

6. a meat dish with onions wrapped in tin foil

7. A fried rice with only 4 or 5 ingredients

8. cucumber with garlic (cold)

9. shrimp balls

10. a dessert rice. purple, with a thick center, and some colorful things on top.

I know, I sound like i know nothing about Shanghai, but I really do! If you could please help me with the names of some of these dishes I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm sure there will be more to come when I think of it. ^.^

xie xie!

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