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Shang Chai Kosher Chinese in Brooklyn report


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Shang Chai Kosher Chinese in Brooklyn report

CT Kosher Ben Noach | Mar 1, 2004 10:18 PM

I took my Jewish family (wife & kids) for a day of pre-Purim shopping in Borough Park on Sunday. We were longing for kosher chinese because is none to be had in Connecticut save when I pull out the mini-wok and do the best I can on our electric stove. My wife did a bit of Internet research and came up with the name of
Shang Chai, so with the help of a printable map (isn't the Net amazing?) we found our way there for dinner.

I'm a snot - I mean, a "chow hound" - when it comes to Chinese food. I was spoiled in my traifish days by a little old Chinese man that ran a small hole-in-the-wall place that offered slow-cooked home-style love in the form of food. I mention this because a "fair or C" grade from me really isn't a bad grade at all.

The facility is looks nice if somewhat generically decorated. We were politely greeted by the manager and after a short wait (we had no reservations) were seated at a table. The dining room in which we ate was full of patrons and the room on the other side of the restaurant was also packed with a child's birthday party. The wonderfully polite children helping with the party insisted that my children take bags of treats even when they were told we were just visitors from out of town.

The wait-staff quickly seated us and brought a pot of hot tea, a bowl of a simple salad with a gentle asian-style dressing, a bowl of fried noodles and condiments. All of the free nosh was fair to good.

We ordered General Tso's chicken (Good - a bit thickly breaded) , chicken chow fun (fair, but weird spaghetti style rice noodles are not nearly as good as broad flat noodles), mixed Chinese vegetables (fair - weak sauce over mixed American vegetables), won ton soup (very good - a pleasant treat), and steamed white rice (very good - cooked perfectly). The portions were generous and we took home leftovers - which was a really weird experience for us to be able to take home kosher Chinese food!

I have to mention that the wait-staff was very good - polite, fast, and competent. I've read and heard many horror stories about poor service in kosher places and I'm happy to be able to note the good quality of our experience. Now, if only the chassid that let his boy wee all over the toilet seat right before I went to use it had been taught by his rebbe to first raise the seat, I would have had an all around good experience. :-)

Kidding aside, I'm happy to be able to recommend Shang Chai as an enjoyable and comfortable place to enjoy some good kosher Chinese food at reasonable prices for NY-area kosher food.


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