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The Shame That Is Carvel .... [moved from Manhattan board]


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The Shame That Is Carvel .... [moved from Manhattan board]

CaryMG | Jun 8, 2010 07:35 AM

We have a family friend that takes me on her dogwalks.
To the nearest Carvel & back was about a mile and she thought that was a nice, healthy walk for the dog.

When we'd get to Carvel, she'd buy me a cone & I'd always get the same one -- Apple Strudel.
Creamy, with -- what I later find out -- egg yolks for *extra* creaminess ....
Chunks of applepie filling-type apples ....
Generous flecks o' cinnamon ....
Wowie kazowie!

I just went to the Carvel website.
Ice cream cakes, the Flying Saucers & "treats": soft icecream with toppings and,
as they emphasize, "a maraschino cherry on top!!11!!".
And that's it.
What's next? "We offer *cups* to put the icecream in !!!!1!"
Yeccchhh ....

WTF happens with Carvel?
Why no more hard ice cream?

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