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Shaburi Review

OhmOhm | Mar 8, 2005 02:54 PM

Went to Shaburi, the newly opened Taiwanese chain that serves high-end shabu-shabu/sukiyaki on 39th St (near Lexington Ave) on Saturday night, four of us, rsvp around 8.15pm. The Matre D' was quite charming, and the bartender, while waiting for my friends to show up, was somewhat disappointing, when I ordered my sake mixed drink, they were scrambling for a how-to-do print out, and was looking at the manual trying to figure out how much of each liquior should be put inside the shaker. In fact it took two bartenders to finally make my green-tea sake mixed drinks, sounds good on paper, tasted really bad in your mouth. It was more like drinking a shake iced matcha green tea with a touch of liquor, the sake was too nonexistant for my liking. After all of our friends arrived, we were given the table upstairs. The downstairs area was probably 35-40% full, and upstairs was 40% full when we arrived but as we were eating, almost every table was filled with customers. Not bad for this new Taiwanese chain.

and we ordered the following :

1 Appetizers (consisted of 4 spoons of carpaccio of sea urchin, fish, and fish eggs with some sauce I don't remember)
2 order of Matsuzaka Beef at $70 per entrée portion (Matsuzaka Beef is one step higher than the highly acclaimed Kobe Beef in terms of quality)
1 order of Korubuta Pork, don't remember the price, probably around $40, which is the another famous type of high quality pork from Japan
2 order of Seafood mixed
1 side order of Lamb

The appetizers was great, at $18, and not the best quality, the uni specifically wasn't strong and flavorful enough to balance the fish eggs.

The matsuzaka beef was excellent, which it should considering the price and the buzz, after you swirled around in the hotpot, and dipped it on the sauce, it just melted in your mouth straight away, but off course the portion only consisted of probably 12-14 thin slices of matsuzaka beef, the rest was just a huge pile of veggies, one huge mushroom, a white tofu, and some enoki mushrooms. The guess the $70 was predominantly allocated to the beef.

The Korubuta Pork was again another great quality, melt-in-your-mouth type meat. Their claim was right, I was not disappointed, but again, only 10-12 pieces max.

The seafood was so-so, consisted of shrimps, scallops, some lobsters, a huge oyster (don't remember what kind, since I didn't eat it), salmon. It was fresh but not the kind you expect from Yasuda.

The Lamb looked fresh when arrived, but a little tougher than good quality should be in your mouth.

For dessert we had the following :

Sesame ice cream with tapioca
Green tea ice cream with tapioca
Coconut pudding (I don't quite remember the full name)

I thought the green tea was ok, maybe stronger and not sweet enough for some people, but we liked it, it was served on a special bowl with tapioca balls, the kind you get when you buy bubble teas from Chinatown, and the sesame ice cream was the highlight of the dessert, it was very flavorful, not too sweet, I liked it and so did three of my other dinner companions. The coconut pudding was just ok, I didn't get to taste it.

The bill came out to about $100 pp among the four of us

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