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CH Addict’s post about a Mission Street restaurant serving food from the Yucatan, Vietnam and pizza was too difficult to resist for my tastes.

I’d be interested in reading the dishes that Chowhounds scope out here. I’ll probably be back but more out of curiosity to see what else is on the menu rather than anything that struck me as outstandingly delicious. It is really an interesting place and prices are good.

I had

- relleno blanco, creamy chicken soup with a chicken leg and a hunk of ground pork
- 1/2 dozen thick, hot from the griddle tortillas
- two tacos, one turkey and one pork … I think
- tamarindo aqua fresca
- very good Vietnamese green milk/noodle/bean dessert

The soup was $7 and the total bill was $14.

They had panuchos, but I skipped them because they were fried and I already had a donut elsewhere. There was also pastores and cochinita pibil. Sorry I missed out. This link to Yucatan dishes has a picture and description of panuchos (scroll down).


I did take-out.

The Vietnamese dessert was really good and subtly sweet. It was pistachio green milk with red beans, yellow beans and lime-colored gelatinous noodles. That doesn’t make the noodles sound good, but I would have been happy just with these in the milk. Sort of like soft green gummy worms. No really, it was good.

Tacos were eaten immediately in the car (parking place right in front. Had to stop)

These are nice thick tacos fried in lard. I don’t know if one was a mistake but it was a little crispy on the bottom. That was really nice.

The pork, I think, was a little chewy with fat attached to the chopped pieces. Not bad, but not memorable. The turkey was better with thin sliced pink pickled onions, shredded turkey, and other stuff I’m forgetting.

That’s where the mystery salsa comes in. I’m not sure if this was for the tacos or the soup. Found it too late for the tacos.

That sauce doesn’t look like much … pale, creamy tomato-y and thin … it was killer hot. No really. I don’t ever remember having something this hot. To make matters worse, after lunch was over and I was driving home, I rubbed my eye … some invisible layer of that sauce was on my fingers and I thought I was going to die my eye was burning so much.

The soup wasn’t obvious on the white board and I though it said relleno blanco. I was told to dip the tortillas in the soup. It had an orange drizzle of something on a thick soup that reminded me almost more of a chicken gravy or a chicken divan type of sauce. The whole drumstick and thigh wasn’t especially chicken-y and I was thinking the dish was a little one dimensional until I hit the huge piece of ground pork.

You couldn’t really call it a meatball because it was more like a slice of meatloaf. It was the best thing with lots of spices and flavor … maybe a variation of picadillo? Made the mistake half-way thru of dumping the little cup of hot sauce in it. It was too much. Just too much fire and had to dump the soup part.

The one dimensional aspect of this soup may just the dish. The only other references I found were on Chowhound where Windy had it at Mi Lindo


Looking forward to maybe some of the people who attended the above chowdown comparing how Yucatasia stacks up.

What is served that day is written on a white board. There jars of aqua frescas, a cooler of juices, soft drinks and cups of Vietnamese desserts. Today there were a few Vietnamese dishes wrapped to go on the counter near the register. Thick pizza whirled in a heated glass case in the window.

There are 3 tables with four chairs each and three fast-food type of plastic table/chairs that seat two. It was very busy and it seemed there were as many customers as there were people in the kitchen.

The husband seemed to be Vietnamese and the wife Mexican. She was rushing around calling out “andante’, “andante” to the people in the kitchen. They were really nice to me but it was busy so explanations were not that good. Also, I hadn’t planned on stopping here, and never having tried food from the Yucatan, I didn’t go in prepared. The husband said that after 2 pm it is usually not so busy and they served pho during the week. Don’t take any of this as gospel because it was busy.

Here’s a link about Yucatan food. Funny I saw a whole red ball of Edam cheese on the counter, so maybe they make queso relleno, mentioned in this link


Thanks for the tip CH Addict. Had a good time there and was obviously entertained.


Open seven days 8:30 am – 8 pm

2164 Mission
SF, Ca

(between 17th and 18th on the side Mission street that is closer to Valencia. Near the Foot Locker).

Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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