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Arrived mid afternoon, got car and found our way to Circa 1870...circa1870.com; a nice little "urban b &b" in Pacific Heights..very comfortable..more like having an apt than staying in a hotel.

We were pretty tired from the flight and had plans to go to Zuni Cafe...about 1/2 hour walk. dozen assorted west coast oysters (very good..but paled next to the Drakes Bay a few days later..:)) and the famous roast chicken for 2. Place wasn't too busy..4:30 ..but a few tables. Service was friendly and professional. Meal didn't set off fireworks but everything was very well done...perfect comfort food for the mood we were in.

Next day, I had business in Silicon Valley and had lunch at a fairly nondesript place..girlfriend had sushi on Fillmore..at a place that I can't/won't name. I got back...late afternoon..and we walked..and walked...up and down hills..to work up an appetite for a 9:30 Delfina res. We had planned to get to Bocadillos about 5:30..for some apps.

Bocadilla...pretty quiet when we got there.very busy when we left..tuna carpaccio, grilled prawns, octopus salad, and Basque style braised tripe...dessert was a creative take on sushi rolls...foie gras rolled with rice and a serrano ham "wrapper." delicious. At this point, it was about 7, and a 9:30 dinner at another restaurant didn't seem like such a hot idea. We cancelled the res, had an after dinner drink at Postrio..more for old time sake..it used to be a favorite of mine. Bocadillo was again the perfect meal for our mood.

Yank Sing...I can't really fairly evaluate this because I ate alone. Gfriend woke up with a horrible stomach ache and couldn't think of food..couldn't leave the room. Could have been just a "bug" but my guess would be the unnamed sushi place..as it's the only thing we didn't both eat together..YS...dim sum is 1 of the many activities in life that are much better done with someone else..:) but I did my best...several different dumplings, Peking duck, stuffed mushrooms, and an interesting cabbage salad with walnuts..I over ordered and had plenty of leftovers. I thought the food was very good (but I could imagine there being better), expensive, but included free parking..and I got breakfast the next day from it. Bottom line, glad I went; probably wouldn't go if I lived in SF, unless visitors begged me to take them. Next, I wandered the farmers market at Ferry Terminal and bemoaned the fact that we don't have something like it in Boston. That was a real treat.

A16..Got there at 5:30 for a 5:30 res and the place was jamming. Our friends came a few minutes later and we were seated immediately. My friend has eaten here quite often and I let him steer the ordering...for 5 of us..including gfriend who was just nibbling, We started with the birrata cheese, an asparagus dish, and a 3rd app that I can't recall...then 2 pizzas..margarita and mushroom...then 2 hangar steaks and a braised pork breast..Dessert was an assortment of gelatos, sorbets and a chocolate caramel thing. Meal was great...hard to pick a single highlight; but if I had to, I'd say the pizzas and the pork dish..that's 2. Service was friendly and professional..at 1 point the owner came over to apologize for our pizza taking so long (we didn't notice) and gave us a carafe of wine. If I lived in SF, and could get a res here, I'd become a regular.

All in all, a great trip..just not enough time to try all the places we'd have liked to go to..next trip.

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