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SF Fan of LA Surprised by New North-South Differences [moved from L.A. board]

Fine | May 27, 200805:05 AM

My better half and I are San Franciscans who belie the stereotype and really enjoy visiting LA. Time has a way of slipping by: We realized recently it had been several years since we'd been down and thought we'd visit sometime soon, so I started checking out this board.

Golly gee--big changes!

Our practice was to hit one Korean, one Chinese--preferably but not always a regional cuisine we don't have in SF--one hot-shot spot, and Canter's for a pastrami fix (which I like only late in the evening).

I checked out a number of menus of mostly new and high-end places and was startled by 1. the sci-fi prices at some 2. the dearth of "provenance" and, particularly, organic being mentioned as a house principle as it is at so may places here. A significant number of SFBA California. American, and/or Med cuisine spots advertise their commitment to local, sustainable, and organic foods I've come to pretty much expect it (and, because we eat that way at home, I also prefer it).

I'd appreciate any responses (but I hope those who don't share those values don't feel compelled to make a stink over our difference of opinion).

Thanks in advance.

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