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Sexy Foods

Rachel Kramer Bussel | May 5, 2005 11:45 AM

For an upcoming Village Voice Lusty Lady column on sexy foods, I'd
like to know what food(s) you find the most sexy/sensual. For the purpose of the column, I'm looking for information on what food(s) you find the sexiest/most erotic and a short (few sentences or so) description or story about why you find it sexy.

So far people have told me: cantaloupe, cupcakes, chocolate syrup, avocado, salmon, and sashimi. I am looking for quotes/stories for my column so if you respond to this thread, I may use your story/post as part of my column, and will attribute it to Chowhound but will only use first names (if you'd rather be anonymous or use another name, please state that). Thank you.


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