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Seville Orange omelette for harlots

rworange | Jan 23, 200604:13 PM

So, I bought a Seville orange this weekend trying to defy the conventional wisdom that you can't eat them straight ... you can't eat them straight. Even marinating them in apricot brandy which works nice with regular oranges doesn't help in this case.

Not being someone to make marmelade, the conventional use of Seville oranges, I looked around for some simple recipes for them.

Haven't tried the harlot recipe yet, but it looks interesting enough that I plan to buy a few more oranges this week-end to try it out. It's from a Medieval cookbook, but one updated version is:

4 eggs
1 Seville orange
1 lemon
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon olive oil or melted butter

Juice the oranges and the lemon. Beat the eggs, add the juice, the sugar, and salt to taste, and cook the omelette in olive oil or melted butter. Serve warm.

I guess the orange in my handle is getting to me.

Anyway this recipe originally came from Johannes Bockenheim a fifteenth century chef who cooked for Pope Martin V. He compiled a cookbook for all occasions like recipes to be prepared for specific visiting nationalities or social groups. What the pope was doing at a prostitute dinner, I don't want to know. Here's more info with links to the original recipe.


Some other simple Seville orange recipes I found that are not marmelade:

Smoking Bishop - The reformed Scrooge invited Bob Cratchit out for this warm drink,


Red onions with Seville orange and Marsala




Orange Tea Cake (scroll down)


Ok, it's not Seville oranges, but i stumbled across this pretty blood orange salad. Click on the link just above the picture - Insalata DÂ’arancia

Link: http://www.thefoodsection.com/foodsec...

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