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Settling the bill before everyone's finished eating


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Settling the bill before everyone's finished eating

slacker | Dec 9, 2007 10:52 AM

One of my biggest dining pet peeves are people who start settling the bill before everyone at the table is finished eating. And then, invariably, others--including those who are still eating--will follow suit, like sheep. Of course I'm not talking about circumstances where the restaurant is about to close or any other factor that would actually necessitate settling the bill prematurely.

I hadn't experienced this in a long time, but last night, there were 7 of us dining, at a buffet, no less, and one person had decided that she just had to pay her share while a few of us were still working through that buffet. Her reason was "I just want to get it taken care of." Four of us were still eating. But four people followed suit, including two of the eaters. I and one other person refused to participate in the rudeness. At first I thought she needed to leave and so wanted to settle out first. But no, she stayed for as long as we stayed.

That is soooo incredibly rude. And then the follower sheep who can't seem to be able to think and act on their own. I'm trying not to swear, as I don't want this post deleted. But people who do this really piss me off.

In retrospect maybe I should have said something, but honestly I was so pissed off I couldn't have said anything nicely. And then while I was getting more food, the bill fold thing got taken away, and apparently the instigator and the sheep "didn't have a chance to say anything" before it was taken away. So it was taken with a couple of credit cards and some cash, with two of us not having paid, so some of the credit cards got overcharged and all that "missing" money went to food not tip, and then it just became a mess that would never have happened in the first place if people weren't so freaking rude, and just waited until everyone was finished eating.

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