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I am buying a complete cookware set (individual pieces) for my niece and was seeking out suggestions/recommendations for essential pieces. She is in a small living area just like me.

I know that there are many threads like this on the site and I even made one myself a while ago. I referenced these and came up with a list. I also considered the types of foods that she cooks whenever she is here.

1. Here is the list that I have compiled:

11in. skillet Demeyere Proline

3.5+ Q saute pan

3 Q saucepan

8-12 Q stockpot

large rondeau/saute pan
large steamer basket

Tojiro DP chef knife

Tojiro paring knife

measuring cups, spoons (made in Japan) or AMCO
locally source



bonus if there is a ‘best’ product line or brand for the below:
box grater
wooden utensils

2. Here is my justification:
1. Fissler stockpot
- She likes to make stock from bones the traditional way. I know I could have chosen a pressure cooker but I don’t think she would use it.

2. Demeyere atlantis sauce pan
- I think she will use this pan for things like reheating leftovers in not too big portions.

3. Demeyere Proline skillet
- Will probably use it for eggs, sausage, tocino, longganisa, steak, fried chicken, etc.

4. Demeyere Atlantis saute pan
- She can use this for adobo, pancit, Spam, pinakbet, etc.

For the remaining two pots, currently she has two pots that look like smaller stock pots. One is nonstick and the other isn’t. She uses these to make big batches of food on a Sunday to eat for the whole week. (And like I wrote above, she will use the sauce pan above to heat up this food cooked on Sunday and then the skillet to cook breakfast every morning.)

So, with the last two pots, I basically would just need to get her something big enough to cook soups, meat sautés, etc. in. I am open to suggestions but off the top of my head I was thinking just getting her two Dutch ovens.

5a. Staub 9 quart Coctte Oven
5b. Demeyere Industry 5-Ply 8-qt Stainless Steel Stock Pot

Why these two? The stainless steel will be the general use pot and the Staub will be used anytime acid foods are present such as tomatoes, etc. since it is corrosive.

With that said, here are a few recipes that she likes to cook so you can get an idea of whether or not the cookware I have chosen is best suited to her cooking style.


side questions:
1. Should I really get a specific nonstick pan instead of relying on the Proline? My hope is the proline will suffice with a bit of oil BUT if you feel that it is an unnecessary hassle then I can consider a nonstick pan such as:


2. I was considering purchasing all or most of this from one store because I've read that I could get some sort of discount by opening a credit card account with them. Any thoughts on this also?

Sorry, for the long post. Is my list perfect or are some adjustments in order? Thank you.

Kimchi stew Kimchijjigae recipe Maangchi.com
Budaejjigae Army Base Stew recipe Maangchi.com
Doenjangjjigae Fermented soybean paste stew recipe Maangchi.com
Dakbokkeumtang Spicy braised chicken recipe Maangchi.com
Seaweed soup with beef Miyeokguk recipe Maangchi.com
Spicy beef and vegetable soup Yukgaejang recipe Maangchi.com
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