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"Serving size" shenanigans

BobB | Feb 16, 2010 08:46 AM

I got into a discussion on an unrelated thread about serving sizes, and decided it deserved its own forum.

It's a pretty standard marketing trick to invent a "serving size" that's less - often far less - than the actual amount an average person would eat, in order to lower the sodium, calorie, and fat count "per serving."

I'm used to this from things like cans of soup (always listed as at least two servings per can), but I was looking at the nutrition label on a package of kielbasa the other day (don't ask me why) and was startled to realize they define one serving as 2 oz! Yeah maybe, if you're using kielbasa as a condiment!

What other egregious examples of minimizing serving size to make something look more healthful than it is have you seen?

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