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Service/Food Issues - Bringing Food All Together and Wilted Lettuce


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Service/Food Issues - Bringing Food All Together and Wilted Lettuce

boltnut55 | May 15, 2006 02:32 AM

OK, sorry to be whining. I went to Spiedo in San Mateo (CA) about a month ago, ordered a caesar salad, and almost every piece of lettuce was wilted (red around the edges). What do you do? It's a nice Italian restaurant, dark, quiet with ambience! I complained to my husband, so he ate it.

Today, we went out for Mother's Day at Kingfish (San Mateo again), a $30 steak, seafood, place. We ordered a mussel appetizer, a side salad, and then two entrees. The waiter commented on how he was going to put in the order for appetizer and salad first, then the rest of the meal. This is what happened: the mussels came and five minutes later, the entrees came. The food server (not waiter) brought it out, noticed that we barely touched our appetizers, apologized for being so fast, and then gave us our entrees. I mentioned we also had a salad. He checked and brought out the salad and apologized again. I understand it was a busy night. Is there some official thing we were supposed to do or ask for?!

We had 4 plates of food staring at us and didn't know where to start. We ended up eating our entrees since it was $30 and $40 each, then finishing the appetizer (less of a loss when cold), and then the salad (already cold). But I was not enjoying my meal.

Just checking ... Thanks!

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