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Why don't servers bring me a glass for my bottled beer?


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Why don't servers bring me a glass for my bottled beer?

RGC1982 | Oct 6, 2007 06:56 AM

Maybe this is just an issue that bothers me more than it should. I am a middle aged woman who doesn't think that slugging beer out of a bottle in most restaurant settings is particularly ladylike. Just last night, while waiting for a table at a Mexican restaurant, DH and I ordered drinks. I ordered a bottled beer, and the server brought DH his mixed drink in a glass and then placed an open bottle of beer on the bar table in front of me. When I asked her for a glass, she seemed both surprised and annoyed, and took quite a while to return with it. I was able to see her talking at the end of the bar, so it wasn't as though she was busy. It irritated me considerably, and I ended up asking the guy who was walking around with the chips and salsa to ask her to bring me a glass. It was a full ten minutes before she returned with a frosted beer mug.

So -- I am just being picky? Or do other people out there find the sight of a grown woman knocking one back straight from the bottle a little classless in a decent restaurant? A pizza joint, maybe, but not a restaurant. I wish this was the only time it has happened, but it just seems to me that these young servers haven't been trained properly and have no sensitivity to the fact that some women just don't want to drink beer this way while in a restaurant setting. Perhaps the worst example I've ever seen of this was at a black tie dinner -- and the beautiful young woman in question just guzzled her beer right out of the bottle in her formal evening wear.

I'd love to know what CHers think about this.

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