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Did our server do anything 'wrong'?

The Oracle | Sep 11, 2011 02:07 PM

DH and I went to a new-ish neighborhood restaurant last night. A step up from casual but down from bistro.

We both decided on getting burgers ($10-12/each). I planned to order a side of garlic rapini as a side veggie.

When the waitress took my order, I said: "I'd like the truffle burger"
She responded: "Would you like a side salad or fries"?

.... at that point, in retrospect, I should have asked "Is that included?" but, I didn't and you can see where this is going...

I asked for the salad.

DH ordered his burger and her question to him was with the same tone (as if she wanted him to decide about two options) - as if those were the choices to be made.

When the bill arrived, there were 2 side salads at $4/each.

We asked the waitress if it was a mistake and she explained that they were in fact sides. I told her the way she asked was misleading and we assumed they were part of the burger.

In thinking about it further, there were several side options (the rapini, mac n cheese, potatoes, different types of fries, soup etc) - not just salad and fries - which, to me, are typical sides offered with a burger.

I was further irked because this is a newish spot and I'd imagine many patrons are first timers and not familiar with the menu and what's offered.

It put a bad taste in my mouth towards the establishment... so, I ask you - do you think she was intentionally trying to get us to order a side? I found the way in which she asked to be misleading. But, perhaps my frustration is misdirected and I should have been more apt to ask if it came with what we ordered.


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