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Series: Heston Blumenthal's In Search of Perfection

applehome | Mar 22, 200809:57 PM

I just saw my first episode of this, which was the season 2 episode 1, Chicken Tikka Massala. Wow. When are we going to get this series? Hey BBC America - where are you with this? Or WGBH or anybody else - who is going to step up to buy this series for us?

This is Alton Brown upped with about 30 IQ points and 100 foodie quotient points (just made that up, but you get my meaning). Just imagine what Alton could be like if he didn't have to dumb down for the TVFN audience. Of course, I understand that Tikka Massala in the UK isn't that different from AB doing Mac 'n Cheese here. But the explanations, both historic and scientific, are much more complex and satisfying. The ingredients and process are not simplified. And yet, he does the same kind of inventing. Where Alton took his Weber kettle and poked a hole in the bottom to put a hose and hair dryer (thus making a close to 2000F grill for searing steaks like a steak house), Heston creates a brick chimney up the middle and creates a workable Tandoori oven. The difference is that while I rarely wanted to actually try Alton's inventions, I'm just itching to get out there and make that oven.

I can only get this one episode for now - I'll be looking out for others and hoping that it gets picked up for the US. Any info on getting more from this series would be much appreciated.

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