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A Semi- Scientific Survey Of Oreo Cookies


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A Semi- Scientific Survey Of Oreo Cookies

Doctormhl1 | Jun 10, 2009 05:23 PM

I would like to conduct a semi-scientific survey.

Please answer the following questions:
(1) How do you eat Oreo cookies?
(a) Do you take regular consecutive bites until the cookie is finished? Yes or No?
(b) Do you twist the two cookies apart? Yes or No?
(i) If yes, What do you eat next : The cookie without the cream, saving the cookie with
the cream for last?; or
The cookie with the cream first, the cookie without the
cream last?
(2) After twisting the two cookies apart do you eat the cream filling next without eating the
two cookies until the cream is gone?
(3) Do you eat your Oreos with a glass of cold milk? (a) always; (b) sometimes; (c) never?
(4) How old are you?
(5) Are you (a) male; (b) female; (c) neither; (d) unsure?
(6) Do you usually buy your Oreos regular size or double cream center?
(7) How many years have you been eating Oreo cookies?
(8) Is your present method of eating Oreos new or have you always eaten them this way?
(9) How many Oreo cookies do you usually eat at one time? (i) less than six; (ii) more than
six;(iii) the whole box?
(10) After how many cookies do you feel guilty?
(11) Do you eat your Oreos differently when you are alone than when you are among
(12) Is there another cookie that you prefer to Oreos? If yes, please name.

Thank you.

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