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kseiverd | Dec 24, 201401:49 PM    

Made batch of chocolate chip cookies using that "lite" butter I mentioned on another post. I like a recipe where butter is melted/cooled to make a flat but chewy cookie. As I was blending the "wet" stuff in KA stand mixer, it looked awfully loose? After adding last of fry stuff, it was still WAY to soft... like a very thick batter? My first thought was I didn't measure flour correctly? At that point I just kept adding flour till it looked right. Let it sit in fridge over night before scooping/baking. They didn't spread at all, ended up poofy and soft... cake-like. Though flavor is fine, have to blame the less than 100% butter.

Then started a batch of "heath" toffee my sister sent me. Only a few ingredients... butter, sugar, a little molasses, brown sugar and a little water. Had successfully made the stuff a few weeks ago, but came within seconds of burning it?? At the time, blamed it on thermometer?? Bought a new thermometer recently. It's not something you can rush, as temp crawls up, unless you want LAVA all over your stove. As temp got higher, mix sorta "broke"?? Sugar/lava mixture kinda floating with clear melted butter all around? When poured onto baking sheet (with parchment) it cooled nice and hard and was easily breakable. Later noticed on recipe that thermometer should be hooked to side of pan and NOT sitting on bottom? Is this what fouled things up?

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