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Seltzer, someone enlighten me


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Seltzer, someone enlighten me

TroyTempest | Jun 3, 2013 03:35 PM

I read this great article about a week ago about this guy, Eli Miller, one of the last seltzer men in NYC, and presumably the country.

Accordingto the article, there are only about a handful left. Anyway, Eli says the reason he still does this at 79 is “I don’t want them to have to drink that dreck you buy in the supermarket,”.

So, not ever being exposed to the real thing, i have a few questions.
a. Is this seltzer that much better than grocery store?
b. I assume that most of his customers use it for mixed drinks, as i see in old movies, or is this not the case?
c. Isn't it just carbonated water, or are there other ingredients?
d. since i live where there are no seltzer men to deliver seltzer, what's the closest that i can get to the real thing?

Any information would be helpful.

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