Should I sell my Breville 16-cup Sous Chef food processor?

W8lkinUSA | Mar 3, 202003:37 PM     45

This community has always been extremely helpful with my inexperience on kitchen tools and techniques, so I defer to your wisdom once again.

? How else can I use the Breville for increased whole plant-based foods?
? Or, should I sell this Breville in favor of a sub-10-cup food processor (recommendations welcomed)?
? Since I rarely use this large Breville due to excessive cleanup-time, should I sell it altogether?

- I mostly handle weekly meal-prep for a single person in a one-bedroom apartment.
- I am testing a theory that a lifestyle change towards mostly whole plant-based food will reduce recovery time for a 7-year old injury. This is combined with various modalities of physical therapy.

- I've sliced zucchini and cucumbers, but may prefer a spiralizer for increased air-to-food ratio.
- I've also prepared hash brown and air-fry french fries, but might just pressure-cook potatoes in advance, then smashed-roast them just before each meal. Once again, the spiralizer can be used for fries since this is not a weekly staple.

- sliced onions/jalapenos for pickling (only happens once or twice per month)
- sliced bell peppers for salads/pizza (weekly occurrence)
- sliced cabbage for cabbage soup (1 small cabbage per week)
- hummus (frequent occurrence -- may prefer smaller food processor for 1-can garbanzo beans; or Vitamix 32oz dry container)
- nut butters (occasional occurrence -- almond, cashew)
- flours (occasional occurrence -- rice, flax, almond -- Vitamix 32oz dry container is on order though; also useful for nut butter)
- sliced meat for stir-fry (rare occurrence)
- ground meat for burgers/chili (rare occurrence)

- Breville 16-cup Sous Chef food processor
- Vitamix 750 blender with 64-oz low-profile wet container and 32-oz dry container
- Omega VSJ juicer
- Spiralizer
- Instant Pot 8-qt pressure cooker (replaced Zojirushi rice cooker so dry beans can also be prepared)
- Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10-qt air fryer
- Delonghi Magnifica super-automatic espresso machine
- Royal Berkey water filtration system

With so many kitchen tools, both food processor and espresso machine are on my file cabinet in the dining area that was converted into an office space. The espresso machine works fine from there, but the food processor is moved to the kitchen counter whenever needed.

Thank you for helping me with my minor dilemma. All advice is welcomed since I know not what I do....

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