seeking rice cooker advice


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seeking rice cooker advice

Carrot | Aug 5, 2002 02:17 PM

My cheap ol’ Salton 3-cup capacity rice cooker has expired. Again. I liked this little thing because of the price (15 bucks) and because it made adequate rice (not bad, but not terrific). But since this is the second time that it has died on me mid-way through the rice cooking process, I am saying goodbye to this brand forever! And I am ready to move on to a more advanced level of rice cooking, like porridge and rice cooked with other things in the rice cooker, and am aware that this will set me back more than a teeny 15 bucks. What kinds of rice cookers do others have? Any advice is much appreciated.

P.S. I know this has been discussed before, but all the threads I find are dead-end 4-0-4s.

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