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Seeking My Go-To Margarita Tequila

TombstoneShadow | Aug 12, 201309:23 PM

In prior threads I've compared blind tasting results for various orange liqueurs, and various preliminary margarita recipe combinations.

Those threads became a bit bogged down in philosophy and off the track of actual tasting results, which is the point of this quest.

I'm told in prior postings how savory a great tequila is, what a nectar of the gods it is, how much I should "honor" it... so the Shadow did a blind tasting of 4 very reputable silver tequilas:
Milagro silver
Patron silver
Sauza blue silver
Tres Generaciones silver

ALL of these are 100% blue agave, supposedly well made by great craftsmen... The Tres Generaciones alone set me back $50, for which I could have purchased two incredible german rieslings, 6 bottles of a mind-blowing imperial stout, A great zinfandel with cash back,.. Two bottles of ambrosia rum with cash back... a monumental bourbon with $20 bucks back... a nice Sauternes... you get the idea... so for $50 I should be blown away, yes? too much to ask?

Bear in mind, I WANT to find something special... something that is right up there.... DId Silver Tequila deliver? Let's find out...

As I've tried to explain, to a chorus of boos in prior posts, I don't find tequila straight to be nearly as interesting as any number of other beverages, but I do love a great Margarita, hence this tasting endeavor.

All 4 were tasted blind, I knew the identity of the tequilas, but not which was in which glass... Here are the actual tasting notes:

1: hint of soft orange in the scent. Medium to heavy burn even from a sip. No lingering distinctive flavors, no harsh flavors either. Sort of "neutral clear alcohol"

2: Less burn on the sip, more lip-smacking quality. Again, no lingering distinctive flavors, nothing harsh either. Just more neutral clear alcohol… Somehow I think I prefer this over 1 as an "amplifier" of margarita flavors…

3: Kind of "heavy", ponderous… just sort of sits there, not as lip-smacking & brightening as 2. Again, no distinctive flavors, nothing unsavory either… just neutral clear alcohol

4: Last chance… let's see if there's anything special about this… Maybe a little more "complex" than the others… But is this going to be magic in a drink? 3 is "smackier" on the palate as compared to, 4 maybe softer / warmer…

So 3 premium top-shelf silver tequilas, and one mid-shelf… While NONE of these bring any meaningful "flavors" to my palate, at least two of them have a distinctive "lip-smacking" value, and I'm thinking that's a good thing in a margarita… SO, let's test 2 vs. 3…

2: Hmmm… the flavors are subdued, but did elict a "hmmm"… 3 is more just un-distinguished burn…

I'll go with 2 as my "silver tequila of choice", with caveat that there just wasn't that much
discernable difference between ANY of these, and none of them were so foul I couldn't stand another sip, i.e. all 4 would probably work in a margarita…

Also must be said that NONE of these even remotely compare to a good glass of wine, a nice port, a good imperial stout, a great barleywine, a nice bourbon, nice rum… any nice liqueur… They are silver tequilas, nothing more or less...

DRUMROLL PLEASE as I peek and see what I've been drinking:

1 Sauza blue silver
2 Patron Silver
3 Tres Generaciones silver
4 Milagro

Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle… Patron Silver wins it !!! Tres Generaciones a very nice second. Sauza Blue Silver and Milagro Silver, both would work fine for margarita purposes.

At the end of the day is there ANYTHING in this tasting that says "750mL is well worth $50?" Answer: *&^% No. Did I find some good spirits to make one of the main flavor notes of a great Margarita: I think I did!

Next: I'll try a taste off between several high-end reposado tequilas, but as I've noted in the initial margarita blind tastings, in general I think silver tequila ("blanco") brings more to a margarita than a reposado does, the latter just being too soft. However, the reposados and anejos may be more interesting to sip, we will see.

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