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Seeking guide to Korean food


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Seeking guide to Korean food

jenn | Jul 30, 2003 01:58 PM

We live in Koreatown in Los Angeles and lately we have been exploring the local restaurants as well as the cool grocery stores and shops---did you know you can buy a refridgerator designed for doing kimchee at home?!!!

We've come to the conclusion that we like Korean food just fine but it sure would be nice to figure out what the heck we were eating and it would be great to know what to do with some of the stuff in the grocery stores. We like to cook and it would be fun to recreate some of the tasty dishes we've enjoyed out in the comfort of our own home.

Now with Chinese food, there is an excellent guide to LA restaurants and regional styles of Chinese food by Carl Chu and there are also a number of good books on Chinese ingrediants with great pictures. We have that covered. And we already have a copy of the guide to Asian markets but the illustrations are all line drawings and it doesn't have a lot of recipes or Korean stuff in it.

Does anyone know of anything similiar for Korean food? I'd settle for a good cookbook with photos that will help us at least id stuff and recipes that haven't been "americanized." Thanks!

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