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HELP! Seeking a good caraway rye bread as (custom) sandwich loaf...

bimjim | Aug 20, 201608:55 AM     3

My story is that I tried asking Dempsters if they would adjust their traditional huge-to-thin pointed caraway rye half-loaf process - to perhaps make it in a pan - so that the slices would fit into a normal toaster. They never responded. I then tried asking around at the smaller bakeries, even the ones in supermarkets, but they were not interested - I later found out they get all of their "bakery-fresh" bread as frozen dough, and finish the process in-store.

(** In some stores you can ask for it frozen at the back counter and bake it yourself just before your fancy dinner - it is far better in taste and smell than the same version they baked themselves and has been on the shelf for a day or so.)

So I went to Simon, at the Open Window at Thornhill Square Civic Centre, and started buying his very good double kimmel (larger, longer, not-pointed version) caraway rye loaves there. One day I asked him to check with his supplier and see if they would make the same loaves for me in a sandwich loaf pan. He said he did not think so, but there was no real cost to asking the question, so that's what he did.

Turns out his supplier was prepared to bake the same amount of dough in a sandwich loaf pan, and for the same price as the double kimmel size I had been buying... so to do my bit in return I started ordering six loaves at a time and freezing the rest until I needed them. Hopefully this facilitated them in the large batches of bread they made.

This has gone on for at least five years now, with Simon slicing them thin for me each time by the time I picked them up. But the Open Window at Thornhill Square has just closed, and I have been unable to find out who/where his supplier was. I did get the impression it was east of Toronto - the Ajax or Pickering side - but nothing definite.

So I'm asking for your help here... all my efforts to find a suitable replacement have ended in utter garbage (nobody at the glitzy "bakeries" north of Toronto seems to be listening or to be bothered).

Does anyone know which bakery Open Window got their bread supplied from? I'd like to try that question again...

Thanks a million in advance...


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