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Seeking fresh sauerkraut


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Seeking fresh sauerkraut

Howard-2 | Aug 21, 2002 09:25 AM

Some years ago, ata crafts festival in Vermont, I tasted some fresh sauerkraut--basically, right from the barrell, no preservatives, not further treated in any way. This stuff was just heavenly--the difference between this stuff and the stuff you get in jars or plastic bags in the supermarket was like night and day.

Does anyone know of a source of fresh sauerkraut (pickled peppers, etc etc) on the East Coast? In NYC there's a store on the lower East Side called Guss' Pickles, but the phone is never answered and it's not clear whether Guss' is still in business. But even it it is, there must be other sources of fresh sauerkraut in the US. Anyone know of any such?

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