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Seedless Watermelon & White Corn...Why Oh Why?!


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Seedless Watermelon & White Corn...Why Oh Why?!

Diamond Dog | May 30, 2005 11:23 AM

Why is it you can find nothing but white corn and seedless watermelon?

The texture and taste of sweet yellow corn is so much better in my opinion. White corn tastes like candy and not corn. It seems like they breed that kind of corn to make it sweeter and sweeter...So much so that it doesnt taste right. It hard to find yellow corn now a days!

The texture of seed watermelon is so much better as well in my opinion. NOt so mushy like seedless. Much more intense flavor as well

I just find it hard to believe that all the consumers out there prefer these 2 things this way and therefore thats whats on the grocery shelves.

I know you can find yellow corn and seeded watermelon, but they are certainly in the minority and I think it shouldnt be this hard!

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