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Seaweed recs?


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Seaweed recs?

GG Mora | Mar 20, 2003 12:53 PM

Along with several other unpalatable dietary changes, it has been advised that I add some "sea vegetables" to my diet. Dried bullwhip kelp was recommended, as it is readily available at the local health food store, and was touted as being "really tasty -- sort of like eating potato chips". Well, readily available it is; potato chips it ain't. Maybe at first while it's still dry and crunchy and vaguely vegetabley (with a strong hint of the ocean), but once it's rehydrated by saliva, it's like eating, well....seaweed. I suppose I'll get used to it, maybe even get past sort of gagging on it, but I'm wondering...there must be more interesting (read:edible) "sea vegetables" out there. I've had some delicious prepared seaweed salad from the local fish monger, but I suspect it's loaded with other stuff I'm trying to avoid. What about products from Asian markets? Someone please help me. PLEASE! In addition, I'm having to give up coffee and beer and wine and refined carbs and sugar (of course) and to start eating things like blue-green algae and spinach juice and ground flax seeds and astragalus & ashwagandha tea. It's the anti-Chowhound diet. How will I survive? Help me, someone, HELP ME.

With apologies to those who recently lamented the preponderance of dietary discussion here. I'm certainly not dancing for joy at the prospect of such abstemiousness. As penance, I promise to post a closely guarded recipe for Portuguese Almond Tart.

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