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Seaweed Fried Rice


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Seaweed Fried Rice

yimster | Apr 3, 2006 12:16 PM

Recently Bay Area Hounds were impressed with the idea of seaweed fried rice at a Chowdown at La Tasty and Bok Choy Garden. I combined both presentation for this recipe.

Two notes, you must use un-processed seaweed for frying nori will not work since it has been cooked and a second cooking will not release any flavor or aroma. Bok Choy Gadens cooks under Buddhist rules and did not use garlic or onion, but I think these two ingredients add a lot to the dish.

Seaweed Fried Rice.
Cook a pot of long grain rice the night before. Use less water than normal since you want the grains to separate more after cooking and cooling. If it stick you can lightly wash the rice with cool water before stir frying.
Purchase some pine nuts and un-processed seaweed called layer in the stores. They come in cakes.
Slowly pan roast the pine nut in a skillet over low heat to toast lightly and heat to release the aroma. Set aside for later use.
Take some layer and crush in your hands and place in a dish. Then heat about a cup of peanut oil in same deep skillet or wok as the one you roasted the pine nuts. Deep fry the seaweed until they become crispy and the room fills with the aroma of seaweed. Remove from the skillet or wok set aside on paper towel to soak up the excess oil. The seaweed must be completely deep fried so that it really crispy.
Drain off the oil and reserve for the stir frying of the rice.
Add some of the seaweed oil about 3T to a wok and heat over medium heat then add minced onion and finely minced garlic heat until they become cooked (changes color, add the onion first since it will take more time to cook)
Then add the rice and cooked until it starts to become heated through and add seaweed and pine nut and finish off the dish by adding sesame oil and soy sauce to taste. Do not add too much oil. This dish is best with a less oil, which allows the flavor and aroma of the seaweed and pine nuts to flavor the fried rice. Then if you have powder seaweed in a jar you can top the rice it. This will add another layer of layer.

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