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Seattle Weekly's Best of Seattle is out: did they read Chowhound?


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Seattle Weekly's Best of Seattle is out: did they read Chowhound?

PeteSeattle | Aug 4, 2011 12:24 PM

To let everybody know that Seattle Weekly has published their "Best of Seattle" this week.

First thing that impressed me with their writeups was that it seemed that much of their information seemed to come from Chowhound! (That's us, folks!)

Second thing was that Seattle Weekly had been purchased a couple of years ago by Dallas Cowboys, and they brought along their food critic, Hana Raskin, who is clearly from Plano. And is probably reading this line.

These cowboys don't understand that it is quite difficult to find out what Northern Culture is like because unlike Texas, where people explain it to you with pride, Seattlites just assume all the world is like them, and are just different just to be difficult, and won't explain how to become a Seattlite. (because at heart, we really don't know ourselves)

Part of that is that they made some mistakes based on their Dallas upbringings. They clearly haven't been brought up to speed on the differences in the various cultures in this area, and are relying on what they know, which is based on the color of people's skin.

Thus, Poor Hana recommended the best Middle Eastern Restaurant in Seattle to be the Mawadda Cafe: Only Mawadda Cafe (In my neighborhood) isn't Middle Eastern at all! It's Somali, with East African leanings.

And I have nothing but pity for the poor Dallas reviewer who thought he knew what he was doing when he recommended the best Indian Restaurant as the Cedars in the U district. "Cedars" indicates that the restaurant named is not Indian, but Lebanese and the poor guy didn't know the difference because he probably can't find either Lebanon or India on a map. To make matters worse Cedars has been a quasi-middle-eastern vegetarian place to bring a college age date for a generation, and is the LAST place I'd go to expect decent Indian food prepared by actual Indians in an Indian way! (They don't have field roast in India, and they don't have felafels in India. The same thing is called a Vada in India and it's spiced differently)

That all said, I was impressed with how much of what they wrote seemed to have come from the pages of Chowhound!

Check out the Seattle Weekly: You'll see what I mean!

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