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Seasons 52: An anti-fat diet cult or a restaurant?

gfr1111 | Aug 28, 201109:54 AM

I love Seasons 52. The food tastes great and the high-end, attractive, warm and inviting atmosphere is really relaxing. That is about the end of my praise.

My girlfriend and I went to Seasons 52 in Tampa last night. We ate at the bar. The restaurant is proud of its pledge that no item on its menu is over 500 calories or so (I've forgotten the exact number) and many are even less. However, I don't care about their low-calorie approach to cooking. I go there because the food tastes good--actually excellent.

The servers seem very accommodating. That is why I was surprised when I ordered the grilled rainbow trout fillet and requested tartar sauce, which it did not come automatically with the dish, that the bartender looked at me in disbelief--and I mean "disbelief." You would have thought I had asked for chicken feet. Apparently, this is a major sin for those who follow the low-fat, low-cal religion. I'm sorry guys. I don't subscribe.

When the bartender came back from the kitchen with the news that, as she had predicted, the restaurant does not carry this mundane item, I asked about seafood sauce, which the bartender was not familiar with. After I explained that, in its most basic form, it is ketchup and horseradish mixed together, she couldn't come up with this item, either. Then I asked if she could just bring me some plain mayonnaise. No go. Supposedly, their kitchen does not stock mayonnaise, either.

She suggested some other kind of sauce and I agreed. She came back from the kitchen with a thimble-full of chipoltle mayonnaise.

Now here are my questions:

They don't have eggs in the kitchen?
The don't have oil in the kitchen?
They don't have ketchup in the kitchen?
They don't have horseradish in the kitchen?
The chipoltle mayo is premade, so no separate mayo is ever used?

Believe me, I wasn't unpleasant about it, just a bit incredulous. But what did bug me was the distinct feeling I got that that my real sin, in the eyes of this bartender, was wanting the high-cal stuff at all and not following the program.

Have you had a similar experience? And was I wrong in making such a fuss about this (although in a quite respectful way)?

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