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Seasoning Enameled Cast Iron

philly888 | Dec 13, 200906:20 AM

I just bought my first piece of enameled cast iron, a Le Creuset 5.5 QT Round French Oven. Now, I know both Le Creuset and Staub say their enameled cast iron requires no seasoning. But in reading a lot of comments on Amazon, I found one long, detailed comment that advocates seasoning from a guy who owns 23 pieces of enameled cast iron. I'd like anyone with the time and interest to read the first comment at this link and tell me what you think:


For those who don't want to make the jump, I'll summarize: he says for a new piece of enameled cast iron, before using it the first time you should season it two or three times (over a period of that many days) with olive oil at low heat, so that the oil is absorbed into the pores of the new enameled cast iron. Then, and this is the kicker, because he feels duck fat is high quality, he cooks a duck to have that fat absorbed into the pores. Plus, he feels it helps a new owner learn temperature control.

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