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Seasoning Cast Iron Skillet without an oven?


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Seasoning Cast Iron Skillet without an oven?

Andy P. | Jun 4, 2003 11:10 AM

Hey y'all,

Sorry to post another cast-iron question, but I've got myself a bonafide dilemma:

I was gifted two brand new, unseasoned Lodge skillets. But, living in my apt. in Tokyo, neither one will fit in my little Japanese oven.

Is there any way to season them over the burners of a gas stove? Or, am I gonna have to bribe one of my friends who is living in a western-style apartment to use their full-size oven?

I've checked the Lodge site, (and a few others), but can't find anything about going gas-top range. Lots of ovens, and outdoor fires mentioned. Unless I borrow someone else's oven, that one is out. An outdoor fire to season it will, in my neighborhood, be put out by the the local fire brigade, and result in more trouble than I want to be in right now.

Ventilation isn't a problem, so it you have some tried-and-true stove top methods, I'll take them.

Thanks a lot, and domo arigato,

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