Tried to season my first wok. Did I ruin it?


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Tried to season my first wok. Did I ruin it?

aegisxlii | Jan 14, 2013 05:05 PM

So I tried to season a wok following these directions:

But I think I messed up pretty badly. I misread the instructions and had a coating of oil on the pan during the initial heating/color changing step, which lead to a lot of the discoloration on the sides. And I had a really hard time getting my dorm burner hot enough to make the sides of the wok change color.

My first attempt left a greasy coating (that erroneous oil I guess) on the bottom of the wok. I soaped/scrubbed the whole thing with steel wool and tried again, this time finally getting the sides to darken a bit. But it's still pretty hideous.

End result attached.

Salvageable or a no go? Should I try the oven seasoning method here next time? Or is it too late to clean it off and try it now?

I've stir fried a few times. With some oil vegetables stick a little on the bottom (especially the lighter part), but not on the sides. Scrambled eggs stick pretty badly on the bottom. But maybe I need to build up a patina?

Not sure my burner is up to the task of doing this justice, especially when it comes to awkwardly holding it on its side trying to get the sides to darken up.

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