tried to season a wok... how bad is it?


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tried to season a wok... how bad is it?

nanoo | Nov 23, 2012 01:45 AM


I bought my first non-non-stick (lol) wok, it's light cast iron, flat-bottomed, seems like a nice piece, the carton wrap it came in had plenty of info, certificate of quality, care instructions etc. It's my first time trying to season a wok, so I spent a good chunk of time online researching, reading discussions, watching vids etc. Finally gained the courage to do it and yep i screwed up, how badly - no idea, you tell me, please (see pictures). Should I start all over or is this acceptable?
Any input would be much appreciated.

This is what I did:
1) scrubbed it in hot soapy water with scouring pad; dried well;
2) heated oven to 450F, rubbed the whole thing inside-out with sunflower oil and baked 20 min;
3) took out, nearly choked with smoke, let cool down (and air out) a bit and took the picture #1;
4) heated on stovetop (electric;glass) on med heat, added about 2tbsp sunfl. oil and stirfried a bundle of chopped scallions (dry, unwashed) moving quickly around and all over sides till they wilted and browned; threw it all out. The bottom turned nice blackish color, but looked kinda yucky burnt bumpy and a bit sticky. i figured this can't be good, so
5) rolled up my sleeves, took some salt+a drop of oil and scrubbed the crap out of it (literally) down to bare metal. first half way into it i was quite gentle, trying to salvage the oven-baked layer, but nope, impossible. rinsed in hot water and dried;
6) went on to re-season just the bottom on stovetop - added 1tbsp oil, smeared around, heated on high till it smoked and smoked and smoked, and turned yellowish, then brownish again;
7) removed and let cool a bit, wiped out the burnt oil;
8) turned heat down to med , kept heating wok, added 1tbsp oil and stirfried another round of scallions, charred, tossed, rinsed with hot water, wiped dry,
9) repeated step8 one more time, took pic #2 and had enough for the day.
Coated it lightly with oil and put away. Very unhappy, but hey, at least nothing is burnt on and it feels smooth ;p

so I'm wondering: is the unevenness of the seasoning at the bottom a total disaster or not a biggie? should I soap-scrub it all off and do everything all over again (oven-bake, stir-fry several times), or is it ok for now, and it will eventually even out and build up with further use?

and btw, what did i do wrong first time (step4)? too much oil? temp too low? not stirring fast enough? lol
Thanks in advance!!!

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