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Season a Slightly Used Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet?

bgypt | Oct 12, 200901:33 PM

Hello all,

New user here - I found this board while searching for info on cooking with cast iron and have learned quite a bit from some threads here. My question is in regards to seasoning a pre-seasoned Lodge Logic 10 1/4" skillet. I just purchased the preseasoned pan yesterday and have used it three times only to fry bacon. After reading suggestions that a secondary seasoning with these preseasoned skillets is a good idea I'm wondering if I could season it without having to scrub/scour anything. In other words, since it's a new pan and I've only cooked bacon in the pan and haven't had problems with stuck food residue can I simply add a layer of oil/crisco and bake it "on top of" the pre-seasoning or do I absolutely have to scour it down to get the original seasoning off first? Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I haven't seen this particular question in any of the other CI threads I've read here.


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