My search for a Non-Stick alternative, my results, and THANKS!


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My search for a Non-Stick alternative, my results, and THANKS!

pguidry | Mar 21, 2010 06:28 AM

A while back, I decided to get rid of my teflon pans and was searching for an alternative.

Thanks to this forum, I picked up some DeBuyer Carbon Steel pans. It took a while to find them and to figure out which ones were "best". I finally got the Carbonne Plus. Turns out (thanks to Chemical Kinetics) that the Force Blue line might be better for me. The thickness is based on your heat source and the Carbonne Plus is probably thicker than I need at home.

Regardless, I received my 2 Carbonne Plus pans, followed the steps boiling potato skins, and then heated some peanut oil in the pans. I've cooked bacon, hash browns, pancakes, scrambled and fried eggs with no problem. I clean them with hot water, a nylon scrub pad, NO SOAP, and wipe them dry when done.

These pans work great. I have some seasoned cast iron and the steel pans stick less for me plus they are lighter.

Thanks to all of you for steering me to these.

I just need some silicon sleeves for the handles and I'm all set. No more teflon for me!!!

Hope this helps someone in the future.


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