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A search for Scandinavian spicy peanuts...

allawayr | Sep 3, 201106:57 PM

Hi everyone -

I'm looking for a specific brand of Swedish spicy peanuts to buy for my girlfriend. They are "Katjang Notter - Frasiga Jordnotter - Med Chili" nuts. I believe they are sold under both the Estrella and Maarud brands. They are basically peanuts with a somewhat spicy-sweet thick crunchy coating. And they're delicious. My girlfriend did her Masters in Sweden and always would eat these when she was there...so I'm looking to buy a few packs of these.

I've done an exhaustive Google search and nothing seems to be coming up; I've tried all the "Swedish Food Stores" and "Scandinavian Food Stores" that seem to be on the internet.

Many have Estrella and Maarud products, but none seem to have this exact one.

Alternatively, can you recommend a peanut that is similar? It is important that it has a crunchy sweet-spicy coating, as that seems to not be very common in spicy nuts - most seem to have an oily spiced coating.

Also, this is my first post - I love lurking though.

And lastly, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I didn't think this was particularly regionally relevant as I'm trying to purchase these over the internet.

And really, truly, lastly, I will accept good recipes as a substitute. =) Thanks!

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