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Search Issues and Questions

Phoo D | Jul 16, 2006 11:41 PM

I have been searching for a post that I know I made a couple of years ago. I have tried to find it by using a key word in the title and searching through all of my old posts. It seems to have vanished even though it was nothing controversial etc. Weirdly, I have also been unable to locate another post from about the same time that referenced the original one. Are some posts missing from the searches? I am aware that old posts have not always been switched to new categories, but the forum has not changed its name and I have searched for it in numerous ways and in numerous categories.

I also wonder what rhyme or reason there is in the order in which posts are displayed following a search. I did a search of all my posts (under my previous handle) and the results bounced around from board to board and year to year seemingly at random. Since this appears to be the case, it is hard to locate a particular post within search results if the results include more than 100 items.

An inquiring mind wants to know. Please help.


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