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Search for the Elusive Fried Clam, Part 4 - Found it!


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Search for the Elusive Fried Clam, Part 4 - Found it!

Mattapoisett in LA | Aug 7, 2008 06:06 PM

Los Angeles has surprised me since here six years ago. First impressions were strong of a vast wasteland of strip malls and sprawl But some told me not only did one need a tour guide for LA but in order to succeed at LA I would need to go out of my way to seek out and shine lights in little corners and i might just find what I’m looking for.

I almost forgot that credo down in Long Beach the other day, and fortunately Dommy! was there to pick up the slack. We had a long filling day going to a church Food Fair and then to a friends Graduation party at Casa Vino. We hadn’t had Dinner but weren’t very hungry as we are walking around the Pike. We wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel but they were closed for a half hour for a break we went to the Gamespot to kill time, rode the Wheel and were heading home When Dommy noted the place with the big hot dog sign served Fried Clams and Lobster rolls. I had looked at it before and not really seen the sign. I thought it was a generic hot dog place. But Dommy! said Hey there are Clam and lobster rolls here.............

WHAT?!?!?!?!? I did an about face and went right in. Dommy! thought we’d come back sometime later to try it out, but as I explained it would be like finding a homemade Tortilla factory in Mattapoisett, we’d have to try it immediately.

Lawton’s is a place from Lawrence Massachusetts while not quite on the water, Its close enough to Ipswich that they should know what they are doing. They ship supplies including the proper buns to Long Beach. The menu consists of what you might typically find in a Summer Shack type of Place. Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Clams, lobster fish and Chips etc.

We only had room in our tummies for clams but through slight miscommunications we ended up with the large plate of Clams With Bellies, not the roll, plus an IBC Root Beer. We sat down and Dug in. They were the best I’ve had outside of New England. The batter was right the crispiness was right the taste was really good. Oooh and the tartar sauce was tangy and sweet all at once.

Well there it is. I think I’ve found everything need in LA plus a few extras. I’ve found serviceable east Coast style Pizza. I have had Awesome Dim Sum, there is a rail line coming to Culver City and now Fried Clams with Bellies. Well Los Angeles will never be perfect, but It has become a comfortable place for me to hang around, though I have given up any dreams of waking up and finding 3 feet of snow outside my door [sigh].

Take Care

- P.

Lawton's Famous Frankfurters
110 Bay Street, Long Beach, CA 90802

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