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My search in the Beach - long

jules123 | Jan 20, 2008 09:34 AM

“…beautiful views, fantastic natural setting and GREAT restaurants” was what our smooth agent of real estate intravenously fed us throughout our search for a house in the Beach.
We have been living in the Beach for a few months now but yet to find those Great restaurants, which would justify the sales pitch. We haven’t tried all Beach restaurants but visited enough of them to expect to stumble on at least ONE great one.

Based on recommendation, first visit - Nevada for brunch. Now, here is testament to know your neighbors before running off to check out their hot spots. (or was it the upheaval of our move, which prompted a cruel payback?) Nevada serves a wannabe brunch in a manner of indifference. The aftertaste of the hollandaise sauce slopped on top of the fixings of the Eggs Benedict stayed with me for the better part of the day. Home fries were deep fried and tasteless. The texture of the apparently homemade burger, my partner’s sad choice, closely resembled something one would use for paneling in an ill advised attempt to execute a quick flip of a Beach home.
The place could also make good use of a cloth. One would then not need to make an effort to tear herself away from the walls upon leaving or ignore said walls thickly laden with past-years’ offerings throughout her stay.
I do not believe we will be returning.

Cottage on the Beach was another disappointment. The Eggs Benedict was priced slightly lower than at Nevada but that was the only discernable difference with the exception of the all-around-over-the- fruit sprinkling of parsley. At least the place was clean and the lonely server pleasant.
This little place has a potential to be cozy and cute and could build a steady flow of locals, I am sure of it. But then the decor would have to go – unless bad kitsch is in vogue and while you are at it, improve matters by chucking the menu and cook too.

Tried Ci Vediamo for lunch but do not go there – we told our friends but some people just won’t listen. They chose a similar fair and complained that the tortellini soup had to come out of a can or at least was made by a base not fit for human consumption. The salad dressing was so sour it made their other hole pucker and the grilled vegetable sandwich provided a trickling effect on the chin – an undesired sensation, safe to say.

Thought of Michelle’s Beach House but here is the thing: the images my mind plays of the regularly advertised Monday’s Manicure and Lunch party does put me off. For dinner, I do not mind paying $25.00 for a tuna salad but I would like to sit on a chair fit for the occasion…something adult like.

I have a lot more to say but here is the end. I hope there is hope in the Beach and restaurants, which offer real meals made of real ingredients. Where are the Beach restaurants without the SYSCO connection? Where are the ones our agent promised to which we could walk? - no, I am certain she did not mean a hike.
I admire neighborhoods where substandard restaurant food represents only the minority because in our locale it fulfills the status quo.

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